Download TV Nord EF font

 TV Nord EF

The typeface family TV Nord is based on the corporate typeface NDR Sans which was developed by Elsner+Flake for the Norddeutsche Rundfunk ( between 1999 and 2001. This new design came into being as part of a complete overhaul of the visual image of the NDR. This became necessary because the NDR, founded in 1954, incorporated the stations of the East German states Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (1992) and Brandenburg (1997) after the re-unification of Germany. The Hamburg advertising agency DMCGroup developed a new and unified image for the NDR which is in existence to this day.

The typeface TV Nord relates to the design of the Trade Gothic and similar American sans serif typefaces of the early part of the last century. Its development concerns itself as much with good legibility for print, as it does for the reproduction on TV screens, which among others, is achieved through its high x-height.

The logotype for the NDR as well was developed from the capitals of the NDR Sans. In 2014, the TV Nord was revised stylistically and expanded to incorporate all European-Latin languages. As part of this effort, further complementary cuts were added.

Download Enjoy font


Enjoy is a font family designed by CFCG. Its 5 fonts work in groups or independently. When used to complement illustrations or spontaneous projects requiring organic fonts, in Enjoy you will find expressive attributes reflected in uppercase, lowercase and numbers written with brush and fluid ink. Its strategies were carefully written providing greater handcrafted realism in its bonds and alternatives to create with eloquent letters at the beginning, middle or end of the word without losing order and readability.

Enjoy contains many special textures to maximize its typographical benefits activating opentype buttons. Enjoy contains an authentic worn texture reflected in a variety of alternate characters and ligatures. Due to its maximum and coordinated cursive logic, captivates the interest in graphic design or advertising for cafeterias, sales of plants, bakeries, etc. When complement illustrations or spontaneous projects requiring organic fonts, with Enjoy you will find expressive attributes reflected in uppercase, lowercase and numbers written with brush and fluid ink.

Download Gitan font


Gitan (formerly Sherpa Sans) is a flared sans serif, reminiscent of engraving and stone carving. Sturdy and informal, the design features a moderate contrast. Cuneiform head serifs and deeply cut wedge terminals give Gitan a sculptural appeal – a quality desired for all things display. A rhythmic pattern and the classic construction make it sparkle in text. A natural look with a dynamic, that thrives in wooden and rock-solid materials. Gitan’s natural habitat is at the crossroads of editorial and packaging work, but by nature Gitan is flexible and willing to take risks.

Download Limonata font


The Limonata font family is a useful and credible text face for sophisticated, contemporary designs. It’s a smart and versatile family of fonts, comprised of 30 styles across a range of three widths.

It’s a legible and direct type family. Ranging in 5 weights (plus italics) from Light to ExtraBold in each width style, Limonata has enough styles to give the expert designer a broad typographic palette to work with.

Inspired by the great serif body text fonts of the past yet aimed at the audience of the future, this is a stylistically broad font family that is considerably more conservative for practical everyday body copy applications. The voice of the Limonata font is a competent and credible new serif text font, with a traditional style presented with modern feels for the new media of the 21st century.

OpenType versions have a few special features, like some smallcaps and oldstyle figures. Purchase it from MyFonts and you'll get TrueType format in your download as well.

Also available as web type, too, of course.

Download Generous font


Generous is painted with a somewhat dry brush. That’s why it looks so authentic!

Comes with contextual alternates (7 different versions of each letter!) and multiple language support!

Download Futura Next® font

 Futura Next®

The true origins of Futura never die; recently there has been new focus on the famous typeface in numerous publications, events and exhibitions. The book Futura, une Gloire Typographique has found worldwide acclaim and the city of Frankfurt, the cradle of the Bauersche Giesserei, as well as the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, organized two exhibitions in 2016, in the honor of Futura.

Futura continues tirelessly its key role in the corporate image and identity of innovative companies and global players and designers and graphic artists love it’s no-nonsense shapes and powerful letters.

Its great variety in truly designed styles and weights now make Futura particularly fit for distinguished user interfaces, information displays, smart watches, e-readers, television apps, technical appliances and internet related uses.

To even better address these growing needs, Neufville Digital releases Futura Next: Futura, true to its origins, but containing a number of alternate characters that add to distinction and readability, especially on smaller and low resolution displays.

New Futura Next consists of 20 fonts in total, 18 of them containing small caps and old style figures as an additional extra, plus numerous OpenType features and the fonts come from the very source of the Futura origins: Neufville Digital.